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Citizen Science Rare Plant Monitoring Program

Monitor Appreciation Gathering

As we end the year, we look back on a successful and productive 2017. We want to thank everyone who was involved this year! We greatly appreciate all the work you do!

In 2017, more than 120 volunteers submitted data on 158 species at 169 sites, and gave an estimated 2600 hours. And data is still coming in! 

Each year we award those who gave particularly exceptional effort. Check out our list of awardees (below) and learn more about them here.  

Unfortunately we had to cancel our scheduled volunteer appreciation event earlier this month due to staff illness - the flu this year is a doozy!  While we tried to get the message out to all who RSVP'd, some folks did still come all this way to attend.  We apologize for any inconvenience the cancellation caused.



2017 Awardees

Jennifer Altin
Pat Armstrong
Mary Beth Bellon
Terrence Bellon
Kathleen Garness
Valerie Herzog
Pete Jackson
Greg Jerzyk
Nancy Klaud
Deb Lakowski
Susanne Masi
Rosemary McDonough
Elaine Mueller
Gil Nore
Natalie Nowak
Tom Priscal
Gail Pyndus
Bryan Ross
Laurel Ross
Mike Rzepka
Barb Seegert
Rob VanDaal
Jill Venskus
Denise Wessman